BIGO architecture studio is the creative union of architects
Marina Biryukova and Elizaveta Golubtsova.

We equally enjoy designing houses and landscapes, as well as working on interiors. Harmony and proportion are key to our work, we aim to create spaces where structural and decorative elements come into their own to form a single living organism.

Figuring out a floor plan is similar to solving a mathematical equation; the more complex the task – the more interesting and elegant the solution. We like putting together elaborate concoctions, mixing objects and materials of different eras and styles, layering these onto a classic background we achieve the impression of a cosy home with history.

Each client will only have one solution to their particular requirements for a future home, we come to this by going through all their needs and wishes with devoted attention. Finally, when the magical moment arrives and the project comes together into a perfect design, our clients' faces light up with joy. This is our purpose and the reason we chose our profession!